Patricia Dehove Lherbier

I used to work in the beauty and wellness industry since 1999. With a holistic vision of beauty I have always been interested both by skin treatments, massages, healthy lifestyle, aesthetics, and makeup.

After sailing my own beauty centre in 2007 (the Thaïna® day spa), I started working as freelance therapist and consultant, creating signature skincare and massages rituals for international cosmetic brands, educating aesthetic staffs, providing workshops and practicing beauty services in the mean time for my customers.

Because of an increasingly demand I then decided to focus on hair and makeup for photos shoots, weddings and workshops, while still providing makeup, beauty and wellness expert recommendations.

Hair and Makeup with me

I aim to offer a dedicated service for a non sophisticated and effortless style that suits you perfectly. As soon as possible I provide you tailored advices to well prepare your skin, as I truly believe the first essential step to a natural radiant beauty is a clean and supple, well moisturized one. The result of an inner balance and good daily habits. My goal is then to sublime you, not to transform you. You should always feel like yourself, just in a better and more confident version of you.

Moreover, I think you deserve to enjoy a pure pampering moment on the D-day, surrounded by kindness and goodwill, without any more logistical considerations to worry about. That is why I always optimize its planning upstream regarding to the place where you are getting ready, the timing of the day, and the team of vendors you choose to work with.

I do believe that great experiences are always based on a mutual crush.

Wellness & Beauty Expertise

Relaxation Workshop
Learning some simple yet effective relaxation skills to quickly reduce stress and find serenity. Breathing, self-massage, healthy lifestyle tips and recommendations. Quoted upon request depending of the size and the length of your event.

One to One Consultation
Starting from 1.5hr up to a whole day spent together. First diagnosing your skin and browsing all your personal cosmetics. Then providing a tailored everyday beauty routine, makeup tips or lessons, wellness and healthy lifestyle recommendations. Online or in stores personal shopping service on demand. Quoted upon request depending of your need.

Hair & Makeup Artistry

Editorials | Commercials | Workshops
Detailed quote upon request. Accommodation out of Paris, food and transportation always are the customer responsibility.

EDIT - Due to chronic health issues I do not propose hair and makeup anymore excepted for previous brides relatives.

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